Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome Back Students!

I always know fall is approaching when our hallways and classrooms fill back up with students. It has been an exciting couple of weeks at Moraine Park as our staff and students prepared for the new semester. I had the opportunity to attend Summer Welcome Day, where I got to meet many of our new students and talk with members of our student organizations. The Amazing Race is always a fun part of the day, as students complete challenges that help them navigate around the campus and become familiar with all of the different services offered.


I was also excited to find a seat at the Welcome Back Lunch this week featuring entertainment by Nick Pike. The cafeteria was full, but I soon saw why some seats were left open in the front row. Nick, a comedic juggler, had a couple of stunts that required help from the audience. He pulled students out of the crowd to help him get onto a unicycle and walk across glass while blindfolded and juggling axes! Thank you Student Senate for sponsoring such a fun activity!

As the semester continues, I plan to be out and about visiting with students and meeting those new to MPTC. If you see me in the hallways, please don’t hesitate to say hello and let me know how your semester is going!

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