Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Civic Engagement at Moraine Park and Beyond

I recently attended a Civic Engagement Institute on the UW-Madison campus, joined by Moraine Park Dean of General Education Caron Daugherty and Communications Instructor Amy Edwards Patterson. It was a great opportunity to learn about other higher education institutions and ways to educate students on civic and social responsibilities within our communities.
During my drive back to Fond du Lac, I reflected on our Moraine Park students involved in Student Government and Student Senate. These organizations are one example of how Moraine Park students demonstrate civic engagement. Students in these groups work with each other, act as liaisons amongst the student body and interact with faculty and the administration in the promotion of student rights. The decisions our students make affect both the college and community; and the skills they develop last a lifetime.
To these students, thank you for the important work you do in your organizations that allow you to become engaged with our communities. Are you involved with Student Government or Student Senate? Please leave a note below sharing some of your civic engagement experiences!

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  1. I agree. Technical College students are very engaged in the community individually and collectively through their organizations. And, when they become alumni, they also become the community; both in the sense of coming to be members of the community and looking good while doing so!