Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome back students!

It was a week of excitement and vibrancy as students returned for spring semester classes. Hopefully everyone had a restful winter break and feel ready to get back into the swing of things with their new classes.

I had the opportunity to be a “semester greeter” where I helped answer questions and direct students to their respective classrooms.  As I assisted with this task I was impressed with how students helped the president learn things that I still have not had the opportunity to learn or inquire about.  The enthusiasm from students returning to the Fond du Lac, Beaver Dam and West Bend campuses is great to see as we begin another academic term.

One way students and staff were welcomed back was with lunch events on the three campuses. There were comedians, an interactive inspirational speaker, Lunch n’ Learn event, and opportunities for students to stuff and bring home their very own gray wolf mascot. What a fun way to kick off the new semester!

Students, how did the first week of classes go for you? Do you have anything that you are especially looking forward to this semester?


  1. Thank you for joining us at the "Student Engagement" in Madison today. It's great to have your support.

  2. John,

    The Celebration of Student Engagement was a wonderful event and you along with the other students representing Moraine Park did an outstanding job. Thank you for representing Moraine Park and sharing information about the program you are enrolled in.

  3. The first week went great due to all the helpful staff and teachers!

  4. Yes, the class list in the lounge area by the O building in Fond du Lac helped me find my class!

  5. I think classes went great. I am happy about my new instructors for this semester, I think I have some talented individuals to work with, and I am excited to be taking my final classes to graduate in May!

    The welcome events you mentioned were so fun; I stuffed my mascot and learned about international study in Australia over lunch - great time!